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Hey all!

I have decided to have a small contest. Not much, but it’s what it is. There is a first AND second place!

I am going to offer a $25 gift certificate to the first person who gets my first book and writes a meaningful review on Second place gets a 10$ gift certificate.  What is second place? The person who writes the 2nd review on the site, of course!

By meaningful, I don’t mean you sing its praises or cut the hell out of it, just read the book, and then tell every one what you think.  You know, a normal review!

Now, the catch is, if you don’t read my blog or follow my tweets, how would you know about this contest?! You wouldn’t people–come on!

Why am I doing this?

My books have been selling okay, but no one is writing reviews on them! That’s what I would like up there. I think the more reviews you get, the more people can tell about your book, and I don’t want be dishonest and make some up :-).  That would be just sorry!!!

So go ahead, get my first book (hopefully you will like it good enough to get the 2nd one and the 3rd!)


Comments on: "Contest!" (2)

  1. Any reason there is no link to the books on your blog?

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