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Finally got my books up Smashwords. Took me forever. They’re very strict on the formatting of your manuscript because they send it out to so many places.  It took me almost 10 retries on all three books.

But they are up there now! So hopefully you folks can check them out 🙂

So please go give it a looksee! To all those who’ve purchased it so far, thank you so very much!!



Hey all!

I have decided to have a small contest. Not much, but it’s what it is. There is a first AND second place!

I am going to offer a $25 gift certificate to the first person who gets my first book and writes a meaningful review on Second place gets a 10$ gift certificate.  What is second place? The person who writes the 2nd review on the site, of course!

By meaningful, I don’t mean you sing its praises or cut the hell out of it, just read the book, and then tell every one what you think.  You know, a normal review!

Now, the catch is, if you don’t read my blog or follow my tweets, how would you know about this contest?! You wouldn’t people–come on!

Why am I doing this?

My books have been selling okay, but no one is writing reviews on them! That’s what I would like up there. I think the more reviews you get, the more people can tell about your book, and I don’t want be dishonest and make some up :-).  That would be just sorry!!!

So go ahead, get my first book (hopefully you will like it good enough to get the 2nd one and the 3rd!)

New covers are up!

Hey everyone, the new covers are up and ready for you! They look pretty tight, but I am somewhat biased since I created them myself.  Maybe I have a future in designing covers. (Well, maybe they suck and I don’t know what I am talking about!) These are simple but elegant.

Changing cover art.

I have changed and updated my covers online! Hopefully they will be up soon.


Okay, all books are up!

…on Amazon at least.

I posted them a while back up on Amazon, but for some reason the prices weren’t listed up there.

I actually got the third book, Attingere up there and after a few emails to kindle support, it’s ready to be bought.

So if you’ve purchased the first two books, the third one will knock your socks off.


As always, I appreciate your help and buying my product!

The first book is up on BN.COM for you nook folks, but the other two books are still not up yet. They seem to take forever to get them up!

Look for book reviewers!

Hey all, if you’d like to read my first book for free, let me know!

There’s only one caveat, you have to blog about it on your blog or tweet about it!

Think of it as an ARC of the book, after the book is already out!


If you want to give it a read, let me know. I would appreciate you reading it and then blogging your thoughts.



Valere is UP!

Hey everyone, the second book in the Swords of Chaos trilogy is up! Valere went live over night. It continues the story of Range and his ragtag band of friends as they try to stop the entire world from falling into chaos.


You can pick it up here.


The third book, Attingere should be out next week!


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